Server Upgrade Friday September 3rd 2010

Due to the issues we were having with the LAMP server, we have been simultaneously working on two solutions.

The first solution was to work with the Techy Geniuses who maintain the servers to find a fix for the frequent periods of downtime. The fix was implemented a week ago and the server has been performing very well since then, with no reports of downtime.

This, though was only ever going to be a temporary measure as we have also been working on the second solution, which was to purchase and test a new, more powerful server and move all of our clients from LAMP over to it.

The new server, which is called Genesis, has been performing very well in our tests and so we are going to go ahead with the move this Friday night.

There should be virtually no disruption to your websites during the move:

  • All usernames and passwords will remain the same
  • All domain details will remain the same, meaning all internal site links will still function
  • All email will be copied across

The only disruption you may notice is that comments on blog posts and emails received during the transfer may be lost, which is why we are doing it on Friday night, to minimise any possible losses.

We are not certain how long the transfer will take, but we are estimating that it will take around ten hours.

We will keep you updated here at news

The transfer is scheduled to start at 11pm eastern time on Friday September 3rd 2010

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